NAMDIATREAM awarded as the best NMP European project at EuroNanoForum 2015 (FutureFlash! Best Project competition) PDF Print E-mail

NAMDIATREAM has been awarded as the best of all the over 1 000 projects launched under the EU Funding Instruments in the field of nanotechnologies and advanced materials!

NAMDIATREAM, terminated in June 2014, has successfully developed innovative diagnostic devices for the early diagnosis of 3 common cancer types (lung, breast and prostate) representing more than 4,5 million worldwide cancer cases in the year 2012. NAMDIATREAM technology is based on cutting edge nanotechnology-based tools for multi-modal detection of biomarkers, permitting identification of cells indicative of early disease onset in a high-specificity and throughput format in clinical, laboratory and point-of-care devices.

More details about The FutureFlash! Best Project competition can be found here.

Congratulations to the NAMDIATREAM Consortium for this outstanding result!



NAMDIATREAM project contributes to fight against cancer which represents a major burden on the European population in terms of morbidity and mortality, with an estimated 3.2 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths per year. (source: European Commission Public Health Portal).

Namdiatream is a truly interdisciplinary and Pan-european consortium that builds around 7 High-Tech SMEs, 2 Multinational industries and 13 academic institutions. NAMDIATREAM has successfully developed nanotechnology-based toolkit to enable early detection and imaging of molecular biomarkers of the most common cancer types (breast, lung and prostate cancer) and of cancer metastases, as well as permitting the identification of cells indicative of early-stage disease onset. The project is built on the innovative technology concepts of super-sensitive “lab-on-a-bead”, “lab-on-a-chip” and “lab-on-a-wire” nano-devices.

NAMDIATREAM has delivered photo-luminescent nano-particle-based reagents and diagnostic chips for high throughput early diagnosis of cancer and treatment. They allow identification of true “molecular signatures” of specific biomarkers and cancer cells within diagnostic material. The validation of these nano-tools has been carried out in compliance with the OECD-regulatory policies in nano-materials.

The evaluation of disease progression during surgical procedures, evaluation of tumour heterogeneity for optimised selective irradiation strategies and miniaturised point-of-care biomarker diagnostic devices adapted for micro-litre sample volumes thereby minimise the invasiveness and costs of diagnostic procedures.

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The ETP Nanomedicine documents point out that nanotechnology has yet to deliver practical solutions for the patients and clinicians in their struggle against common, socially and economically important diseases such as cancer. Therefore NAMDIATREAM results will firstly aim to deliver to the diagnostic and medical imaging device companies involved in the consortium, and the clinical and academic partners. This could further provide the basis for cancer therapeutics as it will be possible to accurately assess the kinetics of cancer cell destruction during the course of appropriate therapy.

The European dimension of the NAMDIATREAM Consortium is ensured by the involvement of 22 partners with complementary profiles and skills, from 8 European Countries (Ireland, Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, UK) and 1 associated country (Switzerland).

NAMDIATREAM is co-funded by the European Community's under the FP7-Cooperation Programme.

NAMDIATREAM Principal coordinator: Prof Yuri Volkov (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

If you have any question regarding NAMDIATREAM please contact us, info (at) namdiatream (dot) eu